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(2013) For Guitar Solo - 15'

Treasures is about the relationship between objects (such as photographs, old cassettes, keepsakes etc...), places and memory. It is not intended to be about nostalgia or be itself, nostalgic.

I. Years of Summer

I have referenced the musics of 80's pop/Tears for Fears and Baroque/Bach as objects of personal meaning, from the past.

II. Like The Stars or Tenderness

I have taken a 'generic' 4-chord sequence and made it meaningful to me, by being mine and by how it is handled musically to comment on how a generic object can have personal meaning because of the experiences we associate with it or how it speaks to us.

III. We Saved The World Together

I have recalled, in music, a meaningful memory, and framed it (like a photograph) with feelings of the present.

Note of Thanks:

There are a few people without who's support I could not have written this piece; thanks to Gerry Viktor and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for their generous loan of a beginners guitar so I could better understand the instrument, to my friends and family for their support and input, my friend Anthony for his true friendship and my Na-na for her love.


Treasures is dedicated to Anthony Winton.