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Run Away (I was safe in anger and lost in fear)

(2013) For Trombone and String Quartet - 18'

I wish to express my thanks to the Astrid String Quartet for pursuing funding to commission and perform this work. I would like to thank the quartet and Davur Juul Magnussen for their commitment, hard work, humour and professionalism throughout rehearsals. I enjoyed them immensely. Thanks to The Hope Scott Trust also, for their generous support.

This piece, for me, is about the mechanics between menace, anger, fear and helplessness. The inability to take action, the difficulty in accepting a sad truth and how extremely difficult it can be to give up hope.

The premiere formed part of their Five By Five concert series which is a #madeinscotland2013 event. 

Commissioned and premiered on 14/08/2013 at Greyfriars Kirk during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by The Astrid String Quartet and Davur Jul Magnussen.

Dedicated to Michael McEneny