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Radio Amanda

(2009) For String Quartet and 2 Live Analogue Radios/or Tape - 8'

I have many memories of Amanda and I being the car with only the radio blurring away and a comforting hum from the engine as the world passed us by.

We would enter the Clyde Tunnel and as the curved yellow walls moved around us the radio would burst and stutter then fade away - always there to greet us on the other side.

Our long drives would often be accompanied by some chilled late-night presenter. It was like having a third person fill our easy silence because were too tired to speak.

Once we drove long enough to pass all of Loch Lomond so we could see the stars clearly away from the city - and nearly drifted off the road being so relaxed!


For Amanda J.

Premièred by The Viridian Quartet, PLUG 2010