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(2017) For various - 39'

A series of solo and duo works commissioned individually on stories taken from commercial aviation. They can be performed individually or as a set.

FLIGHTPLAN 1 - ARRIVALS | (Piano and Tape) | Commissioned by Churnjeet Mahn, dedicated to Stuart Harris-Logan

FLIGHTPLAN 2 - HEAVY (Big Flying Machine) | (Tuba Solo) | Commissioned by Fraser Russell

FLIGHTPLAN 3 - DEPARTURES | (Soprano Saxophone and Piano) | Commissioned by Lewis Banks.

FLIGHTPLAN 4 - TURBULANCE (and other uncertanties) | (Guitar Solo) Commissioned by Lewis Dunsmore.

FLIGHTPLAN 5 - (Guitar and Violin) | LONG HAUL - The Collaborative Choreography of Long Distance Navigation | Commissioned by Abigail Young and Laura Browne. 

FLIGHTPLAN 6 - HUMAN FACTORS AND LIMITATIONS | (Trumpet Solo) | Commissioned by Tom Poulson 

FLIGHTPLAN 7 - (Viola and Accordion) BLACK BOX | Commissioned by Duo Van Vliet (Ian Anderson and Rafal Luc).