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Forgiveness and The Fear of Forever

(2016) For Vln, Vln, Vla, Vcl - 35'

Music for String Quartet and Theatre.

Imagine, some time from now, a muso-archaeologist excavates this thing called 'the string quartet'. The artefact is incomplete, informaiton is missing and its orginal context has decayed into cultural fragments.

This archeologist attempts to reconstruct the string quartet and they get it wrong; they've done their best. 

This work is about how we relate to the choices we have made, the conclusions we have drawn and our inherent nature. It deals with misinformation, misunderstanding and mis-context; this archeologist may be able to see the form it was in but not understand the function of that structure. They can see a violinist mostly gets the tune (but which one)? It also explores the degradation of information over time and how we try to fill in the gaps from our own experiences when interpreting others (just like the frog DNA in Jurassic Park fills out the gaps in the genetic code and creates something we think are 'dinosaurs' but we cannot know how they differ from the originals).

The music is complete for this work, the theatrical side is under construction.